New StoryNerds episode!

Get ready to tune in and nerd out: the second episode of the StoryNerds podcast is here! My fellow StoryNerd Hannah Davis and I are talking about ‘Home in Pop Culture’, in reference to our respective homes of Australia and Minnesota. I managed to talk about Pitch Perfect, Thor, Crocodile Dundee and the Crocodile HunterContinue reading “New StoryNerds episode!”

StoryNerds podcast and vlog are here!

The wait is over! If you’ve been following my Facebook page, you will have seen my building excitement over the launch of the StoryNerds podcast and vlog — and today’s the day! At StoryNerds, my writing buddy Hannah Davis and I nerd out over the best books, movies and TV. During the test phase of StoryNerdsContinue reading “StoryNerds podcast and vlog are here!”

Book review: Then There Was You

Check our my first YouTube book review on Kara Isaac’s Christian romance, Then There Was You.  Plus, you’ll hear how progress on my current project Stuck With You is going, and check out my back-and-forth videos with multi-published author Johnnie Alexander!    

How to Stop Feeling Guilty about not Working Hard Enough

If anyone wrote a book about my life, it would probably have the above title. I have struggled with guilt my whole life, and a lot of it comes from the following mental gymnastics: I imagine if I was an angel, looking at humans from heaven, I’d be like, “They have so much opportunity! Why don’t thoseContinue reading “How to Stop Feeling Guilty about not Working Hard Enough”