About Jessica Kate

Hi! I’m Jess, and I’m a writer.

Jessica Everingham Writing says hi!Here are ten fast facts about me:

1. I write Christian contemporary fiction with sassy heroines, fun romance and real emotion.

I am currently editing ‘Hating Jeremy Walters’ and writing my new book, ‘Stuck With You’. Check out the ‘novels’ page for a peek at my work.

2. I also write this blog. It’s about God. This blog and my Facebook page together represent my blend of imagination and authenticity. The blog is the authentic part – this is where I get real with God.

3. My job is to write online training courses for a bank. One course featured a robots v humans battle. I’m not saying it was as epic as Batman v Superman, but…pretty close.

4. My previous jobs were as a boarding school mistress and before that, a small-town journalist.

5. I’m a total screenwriting groupie. Although the other week I read the script for Intersteller without seeing the movie and was like, ‘Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?’

6. I do things other than write. Like read. Melissa Tagg, Jenny B. Jones, Denise Hunter and Deeanne Gist are four of my favourite authors at the moment.

7. I grew up on farms with my four siblings. I can milk a cow like nobody’s business.

8. I’m also really involved in a growing church plant. My life group girls are the best!

9. Since first writing this list, I have now ticked off another bucket list item: drive in cinemas. 🙂  Other bucket list items already ticked include: visiting America, including New York and Disneyland; being on a real movie set (it was a tiny Australian production, but still!) ; seeing Circus de Soleil; eating a double-scoop ice cream cone (not fulfilled till I was about 19); and finishing a first draft of a novel.

10. I’m Australian. I just realised you guys didn’t know that yet. And I’m 25. Just to give Christian romantic comedy author Jessica Katethis some context.

You can contact me at jessica@jessicakatewriting.com, follow me on Twitter  (@JessicaKate05), Instagram, or hit the Facebook ‘like’ button.

I hope to hear from you!


  1. Hi, Jessica. I saw your post to ACFW’s course loop and thought I’d check out your blog. Your site looks fantastic, very professional. I can’t believe you run a boarding house with 65 teens! Fantastic! Keep up the good work. 🙂


  2. Jessica, want to thank you again for stopping by my blog last week. I appreciated your feedback 🙂
    Looks like we have some things in common: journalist background and novelists (though I’m as yet aspiring since I’m still in “pre-pubbed” mode) #someday 🙂



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