Am I really relying on God?

I woke up this morning with a to-do list in my head. In the next two days I’ve gotta talk to builders, do my tax, go to the dentist, edit my book, visit a friend, run home group, and write this blog. Oh, and go to work. And find clean clothes to wear. It’s notContinue reading “Am I really relying on God?”

A challenge to trust, remember the dance floor

Mum challenged me with a question when I was worried about something over the weekend: “How can you tell others to trust God when you can’t trust him in this circumstance?” Snap! She said it very nicely, but hit the nail right on the head. It reminded me of this part of the Bible: ShortlyContinue reading “A challenge to trust, remember the dance floor”

When the Point is Not the Point

What if an issue I’m having, is actually not the real issue at hand? For instance, I’m planning to attend a writer’s conference in America next year. I am SUPER excited to head back to the States and meet real authors who can help me improve my craft. But there’s a few hurdles to overcome first. When’sContinue reading “When the Point is Not the Point”

How to Make the Fog Work for You: A Journey of Faith Part III

What does it mean to ‘have faith’? And how does that look in everyday life? This has been God’s challenge to me in the past few weeks, as I debated over a big decision regarding my job. I’ve been pretty faithless during this entire  process (I’d rather eat a cactus than search for another job), and evenContinue reading “How to Make the Fog Work for You: A Journey of Faith Part III”


A miracle happened today. After finally starting my new part-time job in retail (in addition to my existing part-time gig at the boarding school) I got a phone call about another job. Another big decision. (That’s not the miracle. Wait for it.) My last big job decision led to the contentment crisis I wrote about in PartContinue reading “NO MINISTRY, NO CAREER, NO MAN. GREAT PLAN? PART III”