What My Book Has Taught Me

  I finished this round of edits for ‘Hating Jeremy Walters’ on Saturday. WOOHOO! It’s been about 3 years now since I first started working on this story, 7 months since I started this round of edits. And the process of writing HJW and this blog has taught me some pretty interesting stuff. How toContinue reading “What My Book Has Taught Me”

Figuring out success

God’s challenged me this week not to make success an idol. I’ve been getting a little stressed lately, just over the thought of possibilities in my writing future. Stuff like the edits will be endless, no publisher will like my book, and once I get published my career will tank within a couple of books. AllContinue reading “Figuring out success”

How God Strengthened my Identity

  I’ll admit it; I like to be the best. Whether it’s beating my friends in a game, coming up with the top idea at a work meeting or winning an award, being the best at something—no matter how small—feeds a deep-seated belief in me. It says, I am not Most People.  Throughout my life I’ve strivenContinue reading “How God Strengthened my Identity”

No ministry, no career, no man. Great plan? Part I

Career, ministry or spouse. I didn’t realize it till last week, but all my life I’ve judged people’s success against those three criteria. If you have at least one of these things, you’ve got something going in your life. Got two or three? You go, girl! (Or guy. 🙂 ) But none? What are youContinue reading “No ministry, no career, no man. Great plan? Part I”

God, What Do You Call ‘Success’?

If everything in life went as planned and you achieved your idea of ‘success’, where would you be in five years’ time? In my Day Dream Land, by 2019 I’ll be 27 and a well-known author of several novels and maybe some Christian living books. My writing career will be financially stable and growing, myContinue reading “God, What Do You Call ‘Success’?”