Why Writer’s Block Is Good

I haven’t written any of my novel since December. This is my third version of this blog post. It was a strain just to write my grocery list this week. This is the most stuck I’ve been with my creative writing in ages. And I think it’s a good thing. I got a little wornContinue reading “Why Writer’s Block Is Good”

This Will Make You Smile

I am one of 7,000,000,000 people on the earth. I am one of tens of billions to exist in history. I just pulled a hair from my head, slipped on my Supernatural Glasses of the Unseen (i.e. my imagination) and looked at the tiny, tiny number stamped at the base of the follicle. #7,651 That’sContinue reading “This Will Make You Smile”

How To Look Intensely Attractive

Courage. It’s one of those awesome qualities that instantly transforms you into a babe.     Tim and Olive Chan are exploring the whole idea of courage in their blog series, ‘Courage Is…’, and they’ve kindly let me contribute. Click this link to read my article, Courage Is: Being OK with Insignificance. I wrote it aContinue reading “How To Look Intensely Attractive”

Does Anybody See Me?

Does God take any notice of me? It’s a very good question. With seven billion people scurrying around on this planet, it’s easy to feel like we’re flying under God’s radar. With so many people to deal with, how much time could He really have left for me? Is He even interested? I think thatContinue reading “Does Anybody See Me?”