Goodreads group!

Hey guys! Looking for new books/authors to read in the Christian rom com or contemporary romance genre? Join the Goodreads group or view and vote on the list! We chat about our favourite books and find new ones to share. Browse the bookshelf to see the books we’ve already enjoyed. You can check out theContinue reading “Goodreads group!”

BONUS sneak peek at Hating Jeremy Walters

Thanks for the likes and shares, folks! Here’s a paragraph from the first conversation between the hero and heroine, Jeremy and Natalie: [Jeremy to Natalie] “You saw me drooling on the footpath.” She blinked. He offered a small smile. “Let’s start over. Hi.” “Let’s not. Goodbye.” She spun toward the door. “Is that my phoneContinue reading “BONUS sneak peek at Hating Jeremy Walters”

Five Rom Coms to Watch This Weekend

Pitch Perfect Australia is proud to be represented by Fat Amy. The Other Woman Spit-your-drink-out-funny. Maybe not technically a rom com, it’s more about the women’s friendships and their hilarious revenge on Kate’s cheating husband. But the scene with the laxatives in his drink is one of my all-time favourites. When In Rome So it’sContinue reading “Five Rom Coms to Watch This Weekend”