Waiting, Self-Doubt and Heroes

You are wasting your time. No one will see or appreciate your work. You’re failing. Even though I haven’t been consciously thinking those discouraging thoughts, they’ve definitely been on my mind over the past few weeks. Self-doubt has been infecting me. Quietly hovering on the edge of my subconscious, a general feeling of failure andContinue reading “Waiting, Self-Doubt and Heroes”

The Dance Floor

The dance floor in my heart helps stop the wrestling match in my head. Huh? She’s been cooped up in her office for too long. No, I’m not crazy. Let me explain. For me, it is a constant effort to keep God at #1. There is a wrestling match going on in my head atContinue reading “The Dance Floor”

I Don’t Trust God

I don’t trust God. That’s the realisation I came to just over a month ago. Sure, if you had’ve asked me I certainly would have said I trusted God. But my mental agonising, internal temper tantrums and occasional whinge sessions with my sister said otherwise. There was a very real reason behind my worry. IContinue reading “I Don’t Trust God”

Swap my Heart for Yours

I realised on Wednesday that I had to let go of something. I can’t go into the specifics here, but suffice to say it’s something that I’d been hanging onto for a while. And I felt pretty sad about it. But I knew that it was time. I talked to my housemates about the issueContinue reading “Swap my Heart for Yours”