How God Strengthened my Identity

  I’ll admit it; I like to be the best. Whether it’s beating my friends in a game, coming up with the top idea at a work meeting or winning an award, being the best at something—no matter how small—feeds a deep-seated belief in me. It says, I am not Most People.  Throughout my life I’ve strivenContinue reading “How God Strengthened my Identity”


I was shocked when God used me last week. Here’s why. Last week’s post was, in my opinion, not that great. I wasn’t entirely sure what I didn’t like about it, but it annoyed me that I couldn’t find a theme verse to talk about what I’d learned that week. Still, I wrote down whatContinue reading “LIES I NEVER KNEW ABOUT ME”

Lies I Never Knew About Mum

I could hardly listen in church on Sunday. I posted last Thursday about how I’m afraid I’m selfish. Three days later, Dad (who’s just started moonlighting as an assistant minister when he’s not farming) preached a sermon on identity. More specifically, on how our identity in God motivates us to do good works, rather than a sense of duty.Continue reading “Lies I Never Knew About Mum”

How to Know if You’re Doing Enough

Am I doing enough? The argument in my head goes like this: 1. I look at all the suffering in the world and feel sad. I wonder why God doesn’t do more to stop it. Then I wonder if He’s looking at us and saying, “I gave you the tools (like money and time) toContinue reading “How to Know if You’re Doing Enough”

This Will Make You Smile

I am one of 7,000,000,000 people on the earth. I am one of tens of billions to exist in history. I just pulled a hair from my head, slipped on my Supernatural Glasses of the Unseen (i.e. my imagination) and looked at the tiny, tiny number stamped at the base of the follicle. #7,651 That’sContinue reading “This Will Make You Smile”