What would my life be without God?

For years, I have struggled with the nagging fear that maybe, just maybe, God isn’t really there. The fear says I’ve convinced myself of the whole thing. And my life is finite. I expressed this fear (read: broke down on the way to church) one Sunday with my parents when I was about 18. TheyContinue reading “What would my life be without God?”

Why Writer’s Block Is Good

I haven’t written any of my novel since December. This is my third version of this blog post. It was a strain just to write my grocery list this week. This is the most stuck I’ve been with my creative writing in ages. And I think it’s a good thing. I got a little wornContinue reading “Why Writer’s Block Is Good”

This Will Make You Smile

I am one of 7,000,000,000 people on the earth. I am one of tens of billions to exist in history. I just pulled a hair from my head, slipped on my Supernatural Glasses of the Unseen (i.e. my imagination) and looked at the tiny, tiny number stamped at the base of the follicle. #7,651 That’sContinue reading “This Will Make You Smile”

I Am Here

Do you ever feel forgotten? Alone? Insignificant? Sitting in my office each day, typing out stories that no one has read yet, I do. And that adds pressure. I feel pressure to finish and get published as quickly as possible, so that all this effort will mean something. I want people to read my workContinue reading “I Am Here”