How Prayer Works

How much good do my prayers really accomplish? It’s a question I’ve been thinking about ever since our Project X meeting on Monday night. Project X is a youth outreach that I’m a part of, and in addition to running our yearly event, we also meet every week to pray together. In fact, Project X is pretty muchContinue reading “How Prayer Works”


A miracle happened today. After finally starting my new part-time job in retail (in addition to my existing part-time gig at the boarding school) I got a phone call about another job. Another big decision. (That’s not the miracle. Wait for it.) My last big job decision led to the contentment crisis I wrote about in PartContinue reading “NO MINISTRY, NO CAREER, NO MAN. GREAT PLAN? PART III”

God Went Out of His Way for Me on Monday

Have you ever been surprised when God talked to you though the mouths of three other people in a half-hour time frame?   That was me on Monday night. I was at a friend’s house for a weekly prayer/worship meeting. As I bowed my head to pray, I had an overwhelming sense of God has forgotten you. This was mostlyContinue reading “God Went Out of His Way for Me on Monday”

Brand New Day!

Welcome to the new and improved site, everybody! Along with the new-look website, I am making a few changes. I will now post regularly on a Friday, (and occasionally throughout the week), and I will regularly update my ‘recommendations’ page.  Keep an eye out for some great books and websites! Today I have a guest postContinue reading “Brand New Day!”

I Have Been Missing Out

Do you wait for joy and peace to hit you in the head? I did. And I wish I hadn’t wasted years doing so. I used to wait around for those feelings to magically appear, slogging through life until they did. When they came, I was happy. When they left, I fretted and stewed untilContinue reading “I Have Been Missing Out”