How to Stop Feeling Guilty about not Working Hard Enough

If anyone wrote a book about my life, it would probably have the above title. I have struggled with guilt my whole life, and a lot of it comes from the following mental gymnastics: I imagine if I was an angel, looking at humans from heaven, I’d be like, “They have so much opportunity! Why don’t thoseContinue reading “How to Stop Feeling Guilty about not Working Hard Enough”


A miracle happened today. After finally starting my new part-time job in retail (in addition to my existing part-time gig at the boarding school) I got a phone call about another job. Another big decision. (That’s not the miracle. Wait for it.) My last big job decision led to the contentment crisis I wrote about in PartContinue reading “NO MINISTRY, NO CAREER, NO MAN. GREAT PLAN? PART III”

I Don’t Get the Point of This, God

I don’t understand the direction my life is going. I don’t want to sound like a whiner, but…I’m about to. My job is not a career, my writing will take forever to become a career, I can’t see God working through me and things just aren’t turning out the way I expected. It drives meContinue reading “I Don’t Get the Point of This, God”

God’s Not Disappointed With Me

Do you know, I felt a little weird writing that title? That’s how ingrained the thought process is in my head. And up until last week, I didn’t realize it. Lately I’ve posted about what God’s teaching me in the areas of stress, joy and my theory that just because you feel something, doesn’t mean you have to believeContinue reading “God’s Not Disappointed With Me”

Brand New Day!

Welcome to the new and improved site, everybody! Along with the new-look website, I am making a few changes. I will now post regularly on a Friday, (and occasionally throughout the week), and I will regularly update my ‘recommendations’ page.  Keep an eye out for some great books and websites! Today I have a guest postContinue reading “Brand New Day!”