What to do with discouragement

I’ve been increasingly discouraged over the past two months or so, with a few different factors building over that time. When this time first started, I said that the events happening weren’t in my control; all I could do was continue to be obedient and trust God. To be honest, I think I’ve kinda forgotContinue reading “What to do with discouragement”


I was shocked when God used me last week. Here’s why. Last week’s post was, in my opinion, not that great. I wasn’t entirely sure what I didn’t like about it, but it annoyed me that I couldn’t find a theme verse to talk about what I’d learned that week. Still, I wrote down whatContinue reading “LIES I NEVER KNEW ABOUT ME”

God’s Not Disappointed With Me

Do you know, I felt a little weird writing that title? That’s how ingrained the thought process is in my head. And up until last week, I didn’t realize it. Lately I’ve posted about what God’s teaching me in the areas of stress, joy and my theory that just because you feel something, doesn’t mean you have to believeContinue reading “God’s Not Disappointed With Me”