Project X video

Project X has helped teach me a lot lately; here’s a video showing what we did at our most recent outreach in Roma. The best part about PX is that it’s not about anything we do. God’s the one who directed us to Roma; God’s the one who touched people’s hearts. All we did wasContinue reading “Project X video”

When Serving Isn’t What You Expected

  I learned lesson in serving on the weekend when I took part in a youth outreach event with Project X. Well, it was actually more of an extension of a lesson that began in March this year. While at an event called Simply God, God challenged me about my motives behind serving Him. OneContinue reading “When Serving Isn’t What You Expected”

What the Holy Spirit Means for Normal People

      Who really understands what the Holy Spirit does? I mean, I know a little bit. I know that what we call the ‘Holy Spirit’ is God’s own spirit which lives in my heart, and has lived there ever since I accepted Jesus’ forgiveness. I know the Holy Spirit is part of the Trinity: God theContinue reading “What the Holy Spirit Means for Normal People”