Interview with McLeod’s Daughters horse wrangler Jim Willoughby

It’s been so awesome to see fans get excited about The McLeod’s Daughters Podcast in the few weeks since we launched, and now we have a special bonus episode for you! Rachel and I interview Jim Willoughby, a horse wrangler who’s worked on a number of classic Aussie productions including all 8 seasons of McLeod’sContinue reading “Interview with McLeod’s Daughters horse wrangler Jim Willoughby”

The McLeod’s Daughters Podcast

New York Times bestselling author Rachel Hauck and I are launching The McLeod’s Daughters Podcast! We take an episode-by-episode look at beloved Australian TV drama McLeod’s Daughters – all the romance, action, family drama and details of Aussie farming life! Americans can watch the TV show McLeod’s Daughters on Amazon Prime, while Aussies can access it on theContinue reading “The McLeod’s Daughters Podcast”