How do you ‘Rejoice’ when you are really, really sad?

While my own life is pretty good at the moment, I know several people who are in very hard circumstances. Are there are also times where things happen in my own life that get me down. Joy has been a big topic that my friends and I have been talking about lately, and once of usContinue reading “How do you ‘Rejoice’ when you are really, really sad?”

Why did God wait to teach me about joy?

Joy. What does that word really mean? Let’s backtrack. Two weeks ago, I blogged about my first major ‘lightbulb’ moment of this year. To sum it up in three sentences: multiple people I’d looked up to really let a lot of people down. I was mad. God helped me forgive them (a story for anotherContinue reading “Why did God wait to teach me about joy?”

What Does God Think About Fun?

  Did you know that enjoying life can be part of being a good witness for God? I sure didn’t. If anything, I thought the opposite; that enjoying yourself too much meant you weren’t spending your time and money on more worthy causes. I was also overly aware of how things in life can go wrong.Continue reading “What Does God Think About Fun?”

God’s Not Disappointed With Me

Do you know, I felt a little weird writing that title? That’s how ingrained the thought process is in my head. And up until last week, I didn’t realize it. Lately I’ve posted about what God’s teaching me in the areas of stress, joy and my theory that just because you feel something, doesn’t mean you have to believeContinue reading “God’s Not Disappointed With Me”

Brand New Day!

Welcome to the new and improved site, everybody! Along with the new-look website, I am making a few changes. I will now post regularly on a Friday, (and occasionally throughout the week), and I will regularly update my ‘recommendations’ page.  Keep an eye out for some great books and websites! Today I have a guest postContinue reading “Brand New Day!”