I Have Been Missing Out

Do you wait for joy and peace to hit you in the head? I did. And I wish I hadn’t wasted years doing so. I used to wait around for those feelings to magically appear, slogging through life until they did. When they came, I was happy. When they left, I fretted and stewed untilContinue reading “I Have Been Missing Out”

The Dance Floor

The dance floor in my heart helps stop the wrestling match in my head. Huh? She’s been cooped up in her office for too long. No, I’m not crazy. Let me explain. For me, it is a constant effort to keep God at #1. There is a wrestling match going on in my head atContinue reading “The Dance Floor”

I Don’t Trust God

I don’t trust God. That’s the realisation I came to just over a month ago. Sure, if you had’ve asked me I certainly would have said I trusted God. But my mental agonising, internal temper tantrums and occasional whinge sessions with my sister said otherwise. There was a very real reason behind my worry. IContinue reading “I Don’t Trust God”

Texts from the Queen

Yesterday I got a text message from Queen Lizzy (you know, the one who rules England). She said, “Tell me everything ur worried about. Hand the burdens over to me. I really care about u.” Don’t believe that one? How about this? “Cast all your anxiety on Him (God) because He cares for you.” 1 PeterContinue reading “Texts from the Queen”

Does Anybody See Me?

Does God take any notice of me? It’s a very good question. With seven billion people scurrying around on this planet, it’s easy to feel like we’re flying under God’s radar. With so many people to deal with, how much time could He really have left for me? Is He even interested? I think thatContinue reading “Does Anybody See Me?”