StoryNerds podcast and vlog are here!

The wait is over! If you’ve been following my Facebook page, you will have seen my building excitement over the launch of the StoryNerds podcast and vlog — and today’s the day! At StoryNerds, my writing buddy Hannah Davis and I nerd out over the best books, movies and TV. During the test phase of StoryNerdsContinue reading “StoryNerds podcast and vlog are here!”

Book review: Then There Was You

Check our my first YouTube book review on Kara Isaac’s Christian romance, Then There Was You.  Plus, you’ll hear how progress on my current project Stuck With You is going, and check out my back-and-forth videos with multi-published author Johnnie Alexander!    

BONUS sneak peek at Hating Jeremy Walters

Thanks for the likes and shares, folks! Here’s a paragraph from the first conversation between the hero and heroine, Jeremy and Natalie: [Jeremy to Natalie] “You saw me drooling on the footpath.” She blinked. He offered a small smile. “Let’s start over. Hi.” “Let’s not. Goodbye.” She spun toward the door. “Is that my phoneContinue reading “BONUS sneak peek at Hating Jeremy Walters”

Wanted: your ridiculous/funny/embarrassing stories

Gathering inspiration for book #2: do you have any anecdotes about ridiculous newlywed fights? 🙂 As a single gal myself, I plan to put my imagination to good use, but it would be awesome to be able to draw inspiration from some real-life couples. I’m totally willing to offer my own anecdote in exchange, butContinue reading “Wanted: your ridiculous/funny/embarrassing stories”