How to Make the Fog Work for You: A Journey of Faith Part III

What does it mean to ‘have faith’? And how does that look in everyday life? This has been God’s challenge to me in the past few weeks, as I debated over a big decision regarding my job. I’ve been pretty faithless during this entire  process (I’d rather eat a cactus than search for another job), and evenContinue reading “How to Make the Fog Work for You: A Journey of Faith Part III”

God’s Not Using Me: A Journey of Faith Part II

Everything is about to change. Two weeks ago, in the third post of my series on contentment, I wrote that I had another decision to make regarding my career. Usually this is where I stress and panic, unsure of which direction God wants me to go and worried that He won’t clue me in. ThisContinue reading “God’s Not Using Me: A Journey of Faith Part II”

Brand New Day!

Welcome to the new and improved site, everybody! Along with the new-look website, I am making a few changes. I will now post regularly on a Friday, (and occasionally throughout the week), and I will regularly update my ‘recommendations’ page.  Keep an eye out for some great books and websites! Today I have a guest postContinue reading “Brand New Day!”

Step Two is a Killer

There are eighteen inches between my head and my heart, but sometimes it feels like eighteen miles. I’ve only recently started to comprehend that just because I know something, it doesn’t mean I believe it. Not in a way that affects my actions, anyway. For example, after twenty-odd years of knowing that God is trustworthy, I discoveredContinue reading “Step Two is a Killer”