How to Stop Feeling Guilty about not Working Hard Enough

If anyone wrote a book about my life, it would probably have the above title. I have struggled with guilt my whole life, and a lot of it comes from the following mental gymnastics: I imagine if I was an angel, looking at humans from heaven, I’d be like, “They have so much opportunity! Why don’t thoseContinue reading “How to Stop Feeling Guilty about not Working Hard Enough”

A Real Author Is Looking At My Writing!

Hey all—no official post this week, because I’ve been doing exciting things! On Sunday I won an auction to have Christian author Cara Putman critique the first chapter and synopsis of my book, Hating Jeremy Walters! Needless to say, I was SUPER excited. But…I didn’t actually have the chapter or synopsis written yet. (Well, I’dContinue reading “A Real Author Is Looking At My Writing!”

What to Do with ‘What If’

Am I where I’m meant to be? I wonder sometimes if I should take a crazy chance and do something ‘amazing’. Have I missed opportunities? And is God happy with the way I’m tracking? Is my life accomplishing anything? These questions popped up for me again this week. It’s mostly just because I’m thinking about aContinue reading “What to Do with ‘What If’”

Why We Put Pressure On Ourselves

In a world measured by statistics, how can I not judge my own worth and efforts in the same way? This week I’ve been learning more about how to market my writing. Marketing has always been a problem for me, because: It’s hard; I get frustrated that it’s not happening quickly; I get frustrated thatContinue reading “Why We Put Pressure On Ourselves”

When the Point is Not the Point

What if an issue I’m having, is actually not the real issue at hand? For instance, I’m planning to attend a writer’s conference in America next year. I am SUPER excited to head back to the States and meet real authors who can help me improve my craft. But there’s a few hurdles to overcome first. When’sContinue reading “When the Point is Not the Point”