Hobbits Vs Mad Max and Other Vital Interview Questions

Sassy inspirational romance author Jessica Kate


I got to take part in an author interview series over on the new-and-improved Australasian Christian Writers blog last week!

Hop on over to learn my fascinating opinions regarding koalas vs kiwis, my hometown’s (in)famous festival, and a fun fact that few readers know about me.

A pinch-me author moment

Every time I see my book cover and name on a book blogger’s site, it’s so surreal.

This week it happened again, with a shout out from fellow 2019 debut author Toni Shiloh on her blog: https://tonishiloh.wordpress.com/2018/12/14/fridays-sales-releases-giveaways-12-14-18/ .

Toni Shiloh's book blog

Thanks Toni! And thanks to everyone who’s been sharing info about my book!

Bring on 2019! 😀

Why I’m blogging again

I’m gonna be honest, I hadn’t planned to start blogging again anytime soon.

I loved the experience when I did it regularly in 2013-2014, and I REALLY appreciated the awesome support from those who read it.

But right now I’m editing my book, busy with church stuff, and (hopefully) will soon start building my first house. I haven’t felt that I’d particularly have a lot to share in a blog each week, especially since a lot of the things I’m learning have to do with other people, people whose stories I can’t share in a public forum like this.

So basically I don’t know why God seems to be giving me a directive to start again, and I’m not sure where the words are going to come from.

But I guess none of that really matters, since my only role in this is to obey.

It’s up to God to fulfil His own purposes, and give the words I need.

So, that’s where I’m at.  🙂

All that said, I’m getting excited about sharing my journey with you all again!

So stay tuned, you’ll soon see regular posts 🙂 🙂 🙂