A challenge to trust, remember the dance floor

Mum challenged me with a question when I was worried about something over the weekend: “How can you tell others to trust God when you can’t trust him in this circumstance?” Snap! She said it very nicely, but hit the nail right on the head. It reminded me of this part of the Bible: ShortlyContinue reading “A challenge to trust, remember the dance floor”

How To Look Intensely Attractive

Courage. It’s one of those awesome qualities that instantly transforms you into a babe.     Tim and Olive Chan are exploring the whole idea of courage in their blog series, ‘Courage Is…’, and they’ve kindly let me contribute. Click this link to read my article, Courage Is: Being OK with Insignificance. I wrote it aContinue reading “How To Look Intensely Attractive”

God’s Not Using Me: A Journey of Faith Part II

Everything is about to change. Two weeks ago, in the third post of my series on contentment, I wrote that I had another decision to make regarding my career. Usually this is where I stress and panic, unsure of which direction God wants me to go and worried that He won’t clue me in. ThisContinue reading “God’s Not Using Me: A Journey of Faith Part II”


    “Thank-you for where I am, because it’s where You want me to be, God. And that’s more important than my own plan.” This is my new motto for contentment. Even before last Tuesday happened, I’d been thinking about contentment. Whenever I had a less-than-awesome day I worried that I wasn’t living life theContinue reading “NO MINISTRY, NO CAREER, NO MAN. GREAT PLAN? PART II”

I Don’t Get the Point of This, God

I don’t understand the direction my life is going. I don’t want to sound like a whiner, but…I’m about to. My job is not a career, my writing will take forever to become a career, I can’t see God working through me and things just aren’t turning out the way I expected. It drives meContinue reading “I Don’t Get the Point of This, God”