HarperCollins will publish my book next year!

Blast the glitter cannons, break out the M&Ms and turn on some dance music because I HAVE A PUBLISHING CONTRACT!!! My debut novel will be published by Thomas Nelson, the Christian fiction imprint of HarperCollins, in July 2019. This is the novel you all know as ‘Hating Jeremy Walters’, (though the publisher may change theContinue reading “HarperCollins will publish my book next year!”

Nerd out with Melissa Tagg and my book made it to the finals!

Hey all! Check out our latest StoryNerds video and podcast, featuring special guest romance author Melissa Tagg as she discusses one of her favourite topics with us, classic movies! Plus we go on a Stranger Things tangent and get the inside scoop on the book she’s working on. Keep an eye out for our nextContinue reading “Nerd out with Melissa Tagg and my book made it to the finals!”