Stuck With You blurb release!

Stuck With You Kimberly Foster and Samuel Payton can only agree on two things: they love their best friend/cousin, Aussie dairy farmer Jules Hogan, and they cannot stand each other. The pair run up-and-coming Virginia-based youth ministry ‘Asylum’, founded to be a ‘safe place with crazy love’ for dozens of struggling teenagers. Kimberly wants nothingContinue reading “Stuck With You blurb release!”

Behind The Scenes On Book #2

Hey all! If you missed out on Facebook, my latest newsletter is out, with a behind-the-scenes story from the first draft of book #2, a progress update on Hating Jeremy Walters, my favorite pic from my brother’s wedding, and the top three books I’ve been reading lately! You can read my newsletter by clicking thisContinue reading “Behind The Scenes On Book #2”

Writing about Australia

Hey! If you’ve been following me on Facebook or Instagram, you would’ve seen my announcement that my new work-in-progress features American characters who find themselves in Australia! I’m basing the rural farm where they have their adventures on one of the places where I grew up, and I give some extra insight into the process inContinue reading “Writing about Australia”