How did my publisher meetings go?

You’ll have to read my newsletter!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 All the American Christian Fiction Writers conference and USA trip info is inside. You can read this month’s edition by clicking here. And if you sign up to my quarterly newsreel, you’ll receive sample chapters of both Hating Jeremy Walters and Stuck With You. Happy reading!

Vote on your favourite title and hook line

Hey everyone, I need your feedback! If you head over to my Facebook page, you’ll be able to vote on your favourite title for my work-in-progress. You’ll also be able to vote on your favourite ‘hook line’, which is designed to get people interested in the story. Also, if you could like or share theContinue reading “Vote on your favourite title and hook line”

Finalist in 2015 Frasier Award!

I just found out that my manuscript Hating Jeremy Walters is one of five finalists in the My Book Therapy Frasier Award for unpublished authors! I’m absolutely stunned; the best I had hoped for was to make it to the second round. Now my entry will be judged by Tamela Hancock Murray, literary agent with Steve LaubeContinue reading “Finalist in 2015 Frasier Award!”

A Real Author Is Looking At My Writing!

Hey all—no official post this week, because I’ve been doing exciting things! On Sunday I won an auction to have Christian author Cara Putman critique the first chapter and synopsis of my book, Hating Jeremy Walters! Needless to say, I was SUPER excited. But…I didn’t actually have the chapter or synopsis written yet. (Well, I’dContinue reading “A Real Author Is Looking At My Writing!”

The Waiting Begins…

It’s been a big week! As well as starting work on my next novel (YAY!), I have entered my first novel, Open Your Eyes, into the American Christian Fiction Writers’ Genesis contest for unpublished authors. I have to wait for ages (until May/June) to get feedback from the judges, but I can’t wait to hearContinue reading “The Waiting Begins…”