Join the Sassy Nerds tribe!

Are you a Sassy Nerd?

According to Urban Dictionary, ‘sassy’ means…

Sassy, adjective. Someone that is just the coolest person ever, and uses sarcasm in the coolest and funnies of ways.

Why thank-you Urban Dictionary, I tend to agree. And I’ll contribute my own definition of nerd:

Nerd noun – Someone who is passionate about something.

That’s why I call my readers ‘the sassy nerds’.

Do you love reading, watching and talking about sassy fiction in all its forms? Then you’re a sassy nerd too!

The good news is, there’s a whole community of us out there, just waiting to talk to you about vitally important topics such as the tragically short run of Firefly, who should be cast as Josh in the movie version of The Hating Game, and whether ‘The Proposal’ should’ve won the Oscar for Best Picture.

I even co-host the StoryNerds podcast so that I can interview authors much cooler than me and get their opinions!

StoryNerds podcast with Christian romance authors Jessica Kate and Hannah Davis

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