New StoryNerds podcast episodes

What’s your favorite stories with heart? Or looking for comedic fiction recommendations? Then check out the latest two episodes of StoryNerds! Our latest episode on ‘stories with heart’ features an interview with the author of ‘The Baggage Handler’, David Rawlings. Meanwhile, our last February episode was on ‘comedy with fiction’. Book blogger Rel Mollet fromContinue reading “New StoryNerds podcast episodes”

Nerd out with Melissa Tagg and my book made it to the finals!

Hey all! Check out our latest StoryNerds video and podcast, featuring special guest romance author Melissa Tagg as she discusses one of her favourite topics with us, classic movies! Plus we go on a Stranger Things tangent and get the inside scoop on the book she’s working on. Keep an eye out for our nextContinue reading “Nerd out with Melissa Tagg and my book made it to the finals!”

New StoryNerds episode!

Get ready to tune in and nerd out: the second episode of the StoryNerds podcast is here! My fellow StoryNerd Hannah Davis and I are talking about ‘Home in Pop Culture’, in reference to our respective homes of Australia and Minnesota. I managed to talk about Pitch Perfect, Thor, Crocodile Dundee and the Crocodile HunterContinue reading “New StoryNerds episode!”