New YouTube Channel – Girls Who Write

Girls Who Write

Hey all!

I’ve launched a new YouTube channel called ‘Girls Who Write’.

It’s a vlog that allows writing women to share the stories they’re most passionate about, and their honest writing journeys.

Video #1 is up already, featuring me! 🙂


Favourite line of the week by my critique partner Nicole Jarrell:


‘Try not to look like you’re birthing a unicorn.’

Ha ha ha! 🙂

A Real Author Is Looking At My Writing!


Did some serious writing this week.

Hey all—no official post this week, because I’ve been doing exciting things!

On Sunday I won an auction to have Christian author Cara Putman critique the first chapter and synopsis of my book, Hating Jeremy Walters! Needless to say, I was SUPER excited.

But…I didn’t actually have the chapter or synopsis written yet. (Well, I’d done first drafts 10 months ago, but I hadn’t re-written a good version.)

So I have done nothing this week except write, work, write, eat, sleep, write, write, write. And this morning, I finally hit SEND!

Big shout out to my amazing critique group, who answered my SOS call and critiqued about three times the usual word limit in a very short period of time.

I can’t wait to work with Cara and hear what advice she has to give me.

See you all next week!


‘All I Am’ – My Second Novel

It’s been an exciting week everybody!

On Tuesday I entered the first 15 pages and a synopsis of my second novel, a contemporary romance tentatively titled All I Am, into the Oregon Christian Writers’ Cascade Writing Contest. Apparently I’m their first ever international entrant. 🙂 Hopefully I do a good job representing the Aussies!

I also found out this morning that Elaine Stock has listed this blog as one of her ‘April favorites’ on her website, Everyone’s Story. Thank-you Elaine!

Another exciting thing: on Saturday I was surprised when I was invited to speak at my church’s night service in a few months’ time. I have never done anything other than a youth group talk before, so I’d love some prayer to help me out.

I have also been working on revamping the blog, and as part of that I’m regularly adding new recommendations to the tab above. This week’s recommendation is the Bible study Experiencing God. This study explains in simple, Biblical terms how we can experience God by working with Him, listening to Him and being part of a love relationship with Him. I cannot overstate the difference this has made in my life, and the lives of a lot of people I know. Check it out!

Lastly, I had to let you all know about this awesome guy I heard about this week. A character in All I Am is in remission from cancer, so I emailed an author who offered to tell me about her Dad’s experience with cancer. During our conversation she happened to mention that her father, who is in his eighties, still flies his powered parachute—as recently as last week! She said his cancer made him a lot weaker, but he was very strong initially so even in his weakened state he still takes the parachute for a spin!

I was amazed, but she sent photographic proof. Enjoy.

James and his parachute.

James and his parachute.

James in action.

James in action.

Brand New Day!

Welcome to the new and improved site, everybody!

Along with the new-look website, I am making a few changes. I will now post regularly on a Friday, (and occasionally throughout the week), and I will regularly update my ‘recommendations’ page.  Keep an eye out for some great books and websites!

Today I have a guest post up over at Jennifer Slattery’s blog; check it out and join the conversation here.

Jennifer Slattery

Here’s a taster:

“I don’t believe Your timing is right.”

“I don’t believe You can accomplish Your purposes through my life and writing.”

“I don’t think You can reach the hearts that are ready for You.”

“I don’t think You can take care of my financial needs.”

Have you ever caught yourself saying this to God?

Probably not. Few people say these things out loud, or even in their heads. But the other day I realized that I was saying all that to God through my actions….


You’ll have to visit Jennifer’s site to see the rest!