Behind The Scenes On Book #2

Jessica Kate enjoyed reading A Thousand Pieces of You by Claidia Grey

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Better get out of my PJ’s now and go to work! #somewriterstereotypesareright


A Real Author Is Looking At My Writing!


Did some serious writing this week.

Hey all—no official post this week, because I’ve been doing exciting things!

On Sunday I won an auction to have Christian author Cara Putman critique the first chapter and synopsis of my book, Hating Jeremy Walters! Needless to say, I was SUPER excited.

But…I didn’t actually have the chapter or synopsis written yet. (Well, I’d done first drafts 10 months ago, but I hadn’t re-written a good version.)

So I have done nothing this week except write, work, write, eat, sleep, write, write, write. And this morning, I finally hit SEND!

Big shout out to my amazing critique group, who answered my SOS call and critiqued about three times the usual word limit in a very short period of time.

I can’t wait to work with Cara and hear what advice she has to give me.

See you all next week!


Project X video

Project X has helped teach me a lot lately; here’s a video showing what we did at our most recent outreach in Roma.

The best part about PX is that it’s not about anything we do. God’s the one who directed us to Roma; God’s the one who touched people’s hearts.

All we did was pray, show up, and pack up. 🙂

Project X video link.



New Book Blurb Revealed!

Lots of exciting things have happened this week, the first one being my new book blurb!

Below is a sneak peek at my novel-in-progress, Hating Jeremy Walters.

2014-09-05 12.45.02

I’m a good church girl. How did I end up in this weird pseudo-family with two kids and the guy who broke my heart?


Natalie Groves could never hate anybody. Anybody, that is, except the love of her life.

She was nineteen when Jeremy Walters declared that he wouldn’t—couldn’t—keep faking his faith in God. Not for his overbearing father, not even for her. Natalie ended their relationship and he drove off to Chicago and never looked back.

Now Natalie is 26, single, and broke from paying off her father’s medical bills. And she just lost her job.

When Jem lands back in town, desperate for a nanny for his teenage niece and infant son, some say it’s Providence. Natalie says God has lost His marbles.

But with no paycheck and no savings, she can either go bankrupt or accept his job.

She’s tempted to go bankrupt.


Jem Walters knows Natalie better than anyone else. She’s ridiculously ticklish. She does terrible dance moves when she thinks no one’s watching.  She’s never felt good enough for God. And she’s still angry at him for leaving.

She never understood that he couldn’t fake his faith anymore, not even to save their relationship.

But now Jem’s talking to God again, and unusual circumstances mean he and Natalie are caring for his baby son and troubled niece together.

But raising a family is never easy, and doing it with a spitfire who wants to strangle him complicates things a bit.

Jem’s family doesn’t help, either. His niece is going off the rails, his son keeps drooling everywhere, and his father is an overzealous sheriff who’s more likely to give Jem a ticket than a hug.

And then there’s the secret that will rock their makeshift family to its core …


This week’s other two events are the arrival of my first writing business cards (!!!!) and Project X this weekend.

I’ll be running a creative writing workshop at the youth outreach event, as well as chatting with the girls who come through our tent and hopefully sharing God’s love.

Everybody’s prayers have been great, keep them coming! 🙂

2014-09-03 19.38.43 2014-09-03 19.40.20

When Deadlines Are Giving Me a Heart Attack: A Journey of Faith Part IV

OK guys, I’m babysitting my little sister tonight, so I’m gonna make this short and sweet.

As I’ve said before, on Sunday I’m doing a talk at church. I’ve been writing it for weeks.

Correction: I’ve been re-writing it for weeks. I think tonight’s version is number 4 or 5.

I’ve also started my new job this week, my newsletter was due out at the start of the week, and I’ve got other stuff going on. The words for my church talk just wouldn’t flow. My internet broke. I was getting frustrated. I wanted to hit the panic button.

Problem was, this talk is about faith. Basically it’s an extended version of the post I did two weeks ago, How to Make the Fog Work for You: A Journey of Faith Part III.

So it would be a tad ironic if I hit the panic button.

Still, I came so close, at least two or three times.

Long story short, I took a deep breath, prayed for faith, remembered that God would provide what I needed…even if it was as I walked up the steps to deliver the talk.

Tonight I finished what is hopefully the last rough draft.

The Big Guy came through again. 🙂

Disaster on my First Day

It’s Day 4 of the first week on my new job.
So far it’s been awesome! I’ve worked with some great teams in the past, but I have never before seen a business that’s so welcoming and intentional about its positive culture. On my first day I was invited to take part in a lunchtime ping pong tournament that’s happening later this month. 🙂
HOWEVER, there was one hiccup.
I was almost late on my first day, so I literally ran out of the house. When I arrived at work and stepped out of the elevator, I noticed my feet felt funny. I looked down and gasped.
I was wearing two different shoes.
They were both black, short boots but they were still quite different. The worse part was, one had a heel and one didn’t!
All I can say is, I love my sister who turned around on her way to work, went home, got my shoes and brought them to me after my panicked SOS call.
However, I still had to meet everyone in the office wearing two different shoes, then admit to my boss (who thankfully is actually someone I went to school with) what had happened and that I needed to go out and meet my sister.
At least it made for a funny icebreaker conversation with my new workmates. 🙂