What If Failure Wasn’t an Option?

Today we have a guest post from Jennifer Slattery, author of Beyond I Do. She asks a terrific question: what if failure wasn’t an option?     If you could do anything without fear of failure, what would that be? Did one job or ministry jump to the surface? Okay, then, here’s a bigger question:Continue reading “What If Failure Wasn’t an Option?”

How To Look Intensely Attractive

Courage. It’s one of those awesome qualities that instantly transforms you into a babe.     Tim and Olive Chan are exploring the whole idea of courage in their blog series, ‘Courage Is…’, and they’ve kindly let me contribute. Click this link to read my article, Courage Is: Being OK with Insignificance. I wrote it aContinue reading “How To Look Intensely Attractive”

What do Cheese and Pepper have to do with faith?

OK, I’ll admit Pepper the puppy has nothing to do with faith. She’s just cute and I wanted to share her photo with you guys! She’s my little sister’s new Moodle (Maltese cross Poodle), and since I’m spending my short holiday at Mum and Dad’s farm I’ve had lots of fun with her. The cheese refersContinue reading “What do Cheese and Pepper have to do with faith?”