Identity, singleness and how it affects everything else

  I’ve been putting a lot of thought into identity lately. Particularly, how your relationship status affects it. It’s tempting for me to picture having a boyfriend—or a whole family—and think things like: I just want to have someone to belong to I won’t really feel like a grown-up till I’m in a serious relationshipContinue reading “Identity, singleness and how it affects everything else”

What to do with discouragement

I’ve been increasingly discouraged over the past two months or so, with a few different factors building over that time. When this time first started, I said that the events happening weren’t in my control; all I could do was continue to be obedient and trust God. To be honest, I think I’ve kinda forgotContinue reading “What to do with discouragement”

Am I really relying on God?

I woke up this morning with a to-do list in my head. In the next two days I’ve gotta talk to builders, do my tax, go to the dentist, edit my book, visit a friend, run home group, and write this blog. Oh, and go to work. And find clean clothes to wear. It’s notContinue reading “Am I really relying on God?”

Figuring out success

God’s challenged me this week not to make success an idol. I’ve been getting a little stressed lately, just over the thought of possibilities in my writing future. Stuff like the edits will be endless, no publisher will like my book, and once I get published my career will tank within a couple of books. AllContinue reading “Figuring out success”

A challenge to trust, remember the dance floor

Mum challenged me with a question when I was worried about something over the weekend: “How can you tell others to trust God when you can’t trust him in this circumstance?” Snap! She said it very nicely, but hit the nail right on the head. It reminded me of this part of the Bible: ShortlyContinue reading “A challenge to trust, remember the dance floor”