Big Surprise

I was nervous when I submitted my latest guest blog post for Angela D Meyer’s website—until I received an email that blew me away. To backtrack, when I was trying to decide what to write, I noticed that Angela’s guidelines allowed short stories. My mind jumped to a story I wrote a few months ago, Nightmare. I thoughtContinue reading “Big Surprise”

My Heart is a Big Fat Liar

I suspect my heart is a culprit in the theft of my joy. A week ago I wrote in my journal that I feel like God’s next lesson for me (in addition to recent lessons on trust) is about joy. More specifically, how to have more of it. Yesterday morning I woke up after aContinue reading “My Heart is a Big Fat Liar”

Step Two is a Killer

There are eighteen inches between my head and my heart, but sometimes it feels like eighteen miles. I’ve only recently started to comprehend that just because I know something, it doesn’t mean I believe it. Not in a way that affects my actions, anyway. For example, after twenty-odd years of knowing that God is trustworthy, I discoveredContinue reading “Step Two is a Killer”

I Am Here

Do you ever feel forgotten? Alone? Insignificant? Sitting in my office each day, typing out stories that no one has read yet, I do. And that adds pressure. I feel pressure to finish and get published as quickly as possible, so that all this effort will mean something. I want people to read my workContinue reading “I Am Here”

Waiting, Self-Doubt and Heroes

You are wasting your time. No one will see or appreciate your work. You’re failing. Even though I haven’t been consciously thinking those discouraging thoughts, they’ve definitely been on my mind over the past few weeks. Self-doubt has been infecting me. Quietly hovering on the edge of my subconscious, a general feeling of failure andContinue reading “Waiting, Self-Doubt and Heroes”