God and Us. Friends? Acquaintances? Enemies? Lovers?

When you picture your relationship with God, what do you see?

That question was not rhetorical. Stop reading. Think about it.


Is he a bully? A sour-faced judge? A school principal? An absent parent? Or is he even paying attention to you at all?

Many people think that Christianity is just a ticket to heaven, and maybe following some rules. That’s what the Bible says, isn’t it?

Isn’t it?

Maybe, just maybe, he actually wants a personal, intimate relationship with you. One where you can talk with each other. One where you know one another. One where you can’t live without one another. One where you’re totally consumed.

Does this sound a little unrealistic? Or even irreverent?

Let’s have an honest look at the Bible together and see what kind of relationship God wants to have with us.

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