New free ‘sassy short’ – The Kiss Thief

I wrote a new sassy short! It’s a three-chapter story that includes a heist, a chef and a kiss! You can read The Kiss Thief for free when you sign up to my newsletter. Plus, the ebook contains the first five chapters of A Girl’s Guide to the Outback!

The cover of The Kiss Thief

A girl doesn’t just let her cheating ex steal her dead mother’s cookbook without stealing it back. At least, that’s Australian carpenter Jacqueline Piper’s philosophy.

Jacq’s on a mission to retrieve her most precious possession, and her neighbor, Louisiana chef Donny Greyson, isn’t about to let her do it alone. But while he’s the only thing that got Jacq through her break-up, she hasn’t been entirely forthcoming with him about her plan. Like the part about breaking-and-entering. Or her ex’s biker neighbors…


Some fabulous authors were kind enough to endorse The Kiss Thief! Here’s what they had to say…

“Witty, flirty and touching, too. A hero who cooks – yes, please! Jessica Kate packs a delightful (and flavorful!) punch in The Kiss Thief.”

-Award-winning author Melissa Tagg


“A culinarily infused delight, Jessica Kate’s signature wit sparkles through a short tale that packs an emotional punch as two people meant to be together find the perfect moment to take a large step in their relationship.  You’ll be sorry to turn the last page of this sparkly and humorous tale absolutely chockful of snap,crackle, pop chemistry, a delicious kiss and a heartwarming core.”

-Rachel McMillan, The London Restoration


“The Kiss Thief shines with sass and charm!”

– RITA award-winning author Kara Isaac.

Advanced copies are here!

A Girl's Guide to the Outback

The advanced copies of A Girl’s Guide to the Outback arrived this morning! Can’t wait for this love/hate romance to come out on Jan 28. 😀

From the back cover:

How far will a girl go to win back a guy she can’t stand? 

This funny, sweet and romantic story proves that opposites do attract – and that God has a sense of humor. 

Kimberly Foster needs help from the last man in the world who would give it.

She and Samuel Payton fought so much during their three-year stint as colleagues that they now reside in different halves of the globe. She’s still the business director of the Virginia-based youth ministry that Sam founded, while he’s back at his family’s farm in rural Australia.

But Kimberly can’t find a suitable replacement for Sam, and the ministry is in trouble. She needs him back. What she doesn’t know is that the Payton farm’s finances are scarier than statistics on Australian spider bites.

She and Sam strike a deal: if she can use her business savvy to save the farm, he’ll return to Virginia and recruit and train his replacement.

Soon Kimberly’s on the edge of the Outback, working more closely with Sam than ever before. Can she protect his family’s legacy, the ministry, and her heart?

Pre-order link

Win a copy of Love and Other Mistakes!

Jessica Kate blogs about meet cutes and ex fiances

I’m blogging today over at Shannon Taylor Vannatter’s blog, and we’re giving away a copy of Love and Other Mistakes to one USA reader!

The blog post gives you a sneak peek at the book, with an excerpt from when Natalie and Jem meet again for the first time after their engagement ended, 7 years ago.

And if you’re an Aussie reader don’t worry – there’s a giveaway coming soon where you can win a SIGNED advance copy of the book!


Publishers Weekly review!

Publishers Weekly review of Jessica Kate's romantic comedy novel Love and Other Mistakes

It’s official, my debut romantic comedy Love and Other Mistakes has been reviewed by Publishers Weekly – and they liked it!!!

“This captivating tale from Kate explores a woman’s pain and hardship as she questions her faith…With believably flawed characters, this affecting tale of deceit and redemption, which questions what it means to forgive, will elicit strong reactions from Christian inspirational readers interested in stories with strong moral themes.”

😀 😀 😀 Such a pinch-me moment!

So much fun to see my book in here, especially next to my talented friend Rachel Linden and her upcoming novel The Enlightenment of Bees.

If you want to check out the online version of the review, it’s available here.