About Jessica Kate

Hi! I’m Jess, and I’m a writer.

Jessica Everingham Writing says hi!Here are ten fast facts about me:

1. I write Christian contemporary fiction with sassy heroines, fun romance and real emotion.

I am currently writing my new book, ‘Stuck With You’, and I have another manuscript that is a finalist in the ACFW Genesis Contest.

2. I also write this blog. It’s now about my journey with writing, and many of my older posts went deep on my journey with God. Check out the archives if you’re interested!

3. My job is to write online training courses for a bank. One course featured a robots v humans battle. I’m not saying it was as epic as Batman v Superman, but…pretty close.

4. My previous jobs were as a boarding school mistress and before that, a small-town journalist.

5. I’m a total screenwriting groupie. Although the other week I read the script for Intersteller without seeing the movie and was like, ‘Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?’

6. I do things other than write. Like read. Melissa Tagg, Jenny B. Jones, Denise Hunter and Janet Evanovich are four of my favourite authors at the moment.

7. I grew up on farms with my four siblings. I can milk a cow like nobody’s business.

8. I’m also really involved in a growing church plant.

9. Bucket List items achieved so far: going to a drive-in cinema; visiting America including New York and Disneyland; being on a real movie set (it was a tiny Australian production, but still!) ; seeing Circus de Soleil; eating a double-scoop ice cream cone (not fulfilled till I was about 19); visiting The Big Bang Theory set at Warner Bros. Studios; and writing my novels!

10. I’m Australian. I just realised you guys didn’t know that yet. And I’m 26. Just to give this some context.

If you’d like to hear more from me you can can contact me at jessica@jessicakatewriting.com, sign up to my newsletter, watch my YouTube book reivews, follow me on Instagram, or hit the Facebook ‘like’ button.

I hope to hear from you!

Inspirational contemporary fiction author Jessica Kate



  1. Hi, Jessica. I saw your post to ACFW’s course loop and thought I’d check out your blog. Your site looks fantastic, very professional. I can’t believe you run a boarding house with 65 teens! Fantastic! Keep up the good work. 🙂


  2. Jessica, want to thank you again for stopping by my blog last week. I appreciated your feedback 🙂
    Looks like we have some things in common: journalist background and novelists (though I’m as yet aspiring since I’m still in “pre-pubbed” mode) #someday 🙂



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