The McLeod’s Daughters Podcast

The McLeod's Daughters Podcast with New York Times bestselling author Rachel Hauck and Aussie author Jessica Kate.

New York Times bestselling author Rachel Hauck and I are launching The McLeod’s Daughters Podcast!

We take an episode-by-episode look at beloved Australian TV drama McLeod’s Daughters – all the romance, action, family drama and details of Aussie farming life!

Americans can watch the TV show McLeod’s Daughters on Amazon Prime, while Aussies can access it on the Nine Now app or Stan.

McLeod’s Daughters is Australia’s most successful TV show both at home and overseas, with a large fan base in the USA.

Episode 1 of the podcast is live on most podcasting apps including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Stitcher. Or, you can listen via this link.

You can also join the conversation about the show on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Hope you join us out on Drover’s Run! 

Published by Jessica Kate

Author of sassy inspirational romances including 'Love and Other Mistakes' and 'A Girl's Guide to the Outback'.

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