Aunty Fay


Aunty Fay with my little sister Abby as a baby in 2008.

My Aunty Fay (Mum’s aunty) died last week. Her funeral is today.

She really loved Jesus.

The past four years, she was here in body but not in mind – dementia.

So when I heard the news, I was relieved she is now in heaven with her Saviour she loved so much.

And the thought stuck with me – she’s there! She’ll never struggle again. All her worries are left behind. Her earthly mission is complete, and now she’ll celebrate forever.

It really makes you realise how life is short, and we only have a limited time to fulfill our purpose here.

In heaven, everything’s taken care of. Our time on earth is the only time we can glorify God by obeying him, even when it’s hard.

Boy, I want to have purpose.

It’s so easy to get distracted by work, friends, building my house, writing my book, just constructing what I hope will be a ‘successful’ adult life.

I find it easy to get discouraged, to let things worry me, to fixate on the things that aren’t going the way I want.

But in heaven, I’ll see God. I won’t need to believe, because I’ll see.

This time on earth is my one chance to HAVE FAITH, even when things aren’t looking hopeful. It’s my chance to be OBEDIENT when it’s easier not to be. It’s my chance to STAY FOCUSSED ON MY PURPOSE – GLORIFYING GOD, when I can’t see Him in front of me.

So please help me with that, God.

Published by Jessica Kate

Author of sassy inspirational romances including 'Love and Other Mistakes' and 'A Girl's Guide to the Outback'.

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