When Deadlines Are Giving Me a Heart Attack: A Journey of Faith Part IV

OK guys, I’m babysitting my little sister tonight, so I’m gonna make this short and sweet.

As I’ve said before, on Sunday I’m doing a talk at church. I’ve been writing it for weeks.

Correction: I’ve been re-writing it for weeks. I think tonight’s version is number 4 or 5.

I’ve also started my new job this week, my newsletter was due out at the start of the week, and I’ve got other stuff going on. The words for my church talk just wouldn’t flow. My internet broke. I was getting frustrated. I wanted to hit the panic button.

Problem was, this talk is about faith. Basically it’s an extended version of the post I did two weeks ago, How to Make the Fog Work for You: A Journey of Faith Part III.

So it would be a tad ironic if I hit the panic button.

Still, I came so close, at least two or three times.

Long story short, I took a deep breath, prayed for faith, remembered that God would provide what I needed…even if it was as I walked up the steps to deliver the talk.

Tonight I finished what is hopefully the last rough draft.

The Big Guy came through again. 🙂

Published by Jessica Kate

Author of sassy inspirational romances including 'Love and Other Mistakes' and 'A Girl's Guide to the Outback'.

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